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CFF Ceramic Foam Filter

CFF Ceramic Foam Filter 

Filtration Solution 

CFF Ceramic Foam Filter Application

Aluminium Foundary Industrial 

- Secondarily  Alloy Ingots

- Wire rod

- Round Billet 

- Slab

- Sheet Materials

- Countinous Casting Rolling

Ceramic Foam Filtration System Component

Filtration Medium : Ceramic Foam Filter

Filtration Box: 

Refractory material Preforming Lining

Insulating Layer

Filtration Box Iron Shell


Filtration Box Upper Lid

Preheating System

Open Institutions

Control Cabinet

Ceramic Foam Filter Filtration Principle

Molten Aluminum flow through the filter plate,

Inpurities intermingled with Molten Aluminum be intercepted and absorbed.

CFF Filter Box Filtration Method

Single pole Single channel Single piece of Ceramic Foam Filter

Double Poles Single Channel two pieces of Ceramic Foam Filter in series

Single pole two-channel two pieces of Ceramic Foam Filter in parallel

CFF Filter Box Lid Heating Method

Two types are optional:

Electrical Heating

Gas Heating

CFF Filter Box Lid Opening Method,

Power-driven , Air-operated, Manual, hoisting etc.

Electric uncap

Pneumatic uncap

CFF Filter Box Tip-over(Optional)

CFF Filter Box Lining

High quality refractory lining

Pre-manufacturing and form-ing, can be installed quickly.

Non-stick Aluminium, Good insulation,

Heat shock resistance, no react with molten aluminium

Ceramic Foam Filter

Ceramic Foam Filter Features and Benefits:

Porous size less deviation,

Molten aluminium wash-out resistance,

Good thermal conductivity,

Small size deviation,

High Filtration Efficiency

Common Specification and Size:

12 inches, 15 inches, 17 inches, 20 inches, 23 inches and 26 inches

Filtration Grade Min.Hole Size Max.Hole Size

      10                 3800               5100     

      20                 2300               2900     

      30                 1640               2170     

      40                 1250               1470     

      50                  900                1120     

      60                  710                 860      

      80                  600                 700      

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