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The basic knowledge of refining agents

The refining agent is a white powder or a granular flux. By a variety of inorganic salt drying treatment, according to a certain proportion of mixed preparation. Mainly used to remove copper inside the hydrogen, oxygen and floating oxidation of the slag, copper liquid is more pure, and both the role of slag agent.

Some of the components in the refining agent are easily decomposed at high temperatures, and the resulting gas is prone to hydrogen and is strongly adsorbed with slag and rapidly escapes from the melt. Other components have both slag agent role.

Refining agent for different grades of copper alloy, degassing refining and cleaning slag. Use it will be sprinkled on the liquid surface, fully stirred after standing, slag. The general amount of copper liquid weight of about 0.5%, depending on the specific copper liquid purity.

For the packaging of the refining agent to use the film woven bag, 30 kg per bag, 3 kg per pouch. Can also be packaged according to user requirements. Storage should be stored in dry, if inadvertently damp can continue to use after drying.

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