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Why does the manganese agent cause chemical and physical changes

Manganese is a very important process in the pre-treatment process, the purpose is to remove impurities contained in cotton fiber. So it requires the integration of other media to play together and increase its effectiveness and role in developing more innovative and efficient refiners.

The scouring process is a chemical and physical process of changing the textile at a certain temperature, including penetration, netting. Puffing, emulsifying, saponification, dispersion, chelating and decolorization, etc., in which penetration and clean washing is a more important role,

The first step in the scouring process is the role of surfactants, the liquid and chemical chemicals to the fiber infiltration, so that fiber and impurities puffed; the second step for the net wash, that is, after the full wetting of the fiber, the natural impurities through the heat And the chemical soaping, emulsification, extraction, dispersion and other effects were removed.

Therefore, the ability of the manganese agent to reduce the surface tension of the solution and the rate of penetration into the interior of the fiber not only requires it to be good, but also requires the natural impurities on the fiber to be saponified, emulsified and dispersed.

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