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Foam Ceramic Filter

Silicon carbide has excellent strength and high temperature impact resistance and chemical corrosion. Can be resistant to high temperatures to about 1560 ° C. So they apply to all copper alloy and cast iron casting. Foam ceramic filters can significantly improve the quality of cast iron parts and reduce the rejection rate, can also be used in continuous casting and rolling process, can be made into all the standard size and different thickness.

Foam ceramic filter of the basic materials are silicon carbide, zirconia, alumina three.

Foam ceramic filters have excellent filtration effects on copper or molten iron, which utilizes three-dimensional structures to effectively remove oxidized inclusions and other non-metallic inclusions by means of barrier capture adsorption. Whether it is gray iron, ductile iron or shaft, cylinder or complex large pieces, precision metal parts after filtration, product quality will be satisfactory results.

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