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Granite Sand Production Line Commonly Used Crushing Equipment Which

Infrastructure construction is in full swing in the progress of sand and gravel material as essential essential to the building materials will be a greater sales, but in all types of construction works in the selection of construction sand are particularly harsh, requiring grain must be perfect, the quality must be standard The However, granite as a hard texture of the ore, can be described as high-quality sand into the Need for raw materials, is widely used in the production of sand on the building.

In the production of granite, the need to use the overall performance of the sand production line as a basis for the production of gravel to produce high-quality sand, so as to bring greater profits for the manufacturer. So often used in granite sand production line equipment which? Here, Zhengzhou Branch Heng machinery for everyone to explain:

Jaw crusher - ore crushed essential crushing equipment for rough granite ore. Usually blasting down the ore block is still relatively large, the use of jaw crusher can be broken these small pieces of stone into small pieces of stone, jaw crusher discharge is generally below 260. Common models are PE600 * 900, PE750 * 1060, PE900 * 1200, PE1200 * 1500 and other models, take PE900 * 1200, the maximum feed 750mm, the material 95-165mm, yield 144-304t / h, power 132kw, Is our 912 stone production line equipment specific crushing equipment.

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