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Hot Ash Treatment:

(1). Daily treatment of 1 ton or less, suitable for treatment in the vicinity of the furnace, environmental protection is not particularly required workshop.

(2). Daily processing of aluminum ash 1-5 tons, dust removal effect in general. Can be in the vicinity of the furnace can also be too far in the workshop focused on dealing with aluminum ash.

(3). Daily processing of aluminum ash 5-40 tons, forklift ash, fully enclosed, there is a cold ash admixture system, rapid cooling mechanism, sub-sieve, and then after the furnace. This treatment is relatively clean, % -5%. Supporting bag dust, dust free. Suitable for large aluminum factory centralized treatment.

Third, the cold treatment: cold ash treatment process is mature, cold ash treatment system using crushing - screening - ball - sieve (separated from the size of 2 ~ 3mm of aluminum particles) - return furnace (product requirements when the iron low Into the furnace before the first addition of iron), can produce excellent results. As the aluminum ash treatment method for the dry system, resulting in larger dust. So the whole system needs to be closed, plus dust cover, configure the cyclone dust collector, to ensure the normal working environment. Can also be connected with the hot ash processing, as can improve efficiency. The treated aluminum particles can be used directly for smelting. Aluminum ash can be used as a raw material for the production of aluminum chloride series of water purification agent, so that the use of waste aluminum to make the best use. Or with the treated aluminum ash as a connector material instead of ice stone for the electrolytic aluminum raw materials. The amount of processing varies depending on the machine being configured.

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