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Sand Making Machine Rotor Replacement Program (to Slag Sand Machine Replacement Rotor As An Example):

1, the rotor and counter-liner adjustment of the gap. When the slag sand machine rotor is running, the gap between the rotor and the counter-liner can not be adjusted. Such as the material into the block between the counterattack plate and plate shell, you can re-adjust the gap before the slightly lift the counter, so that the block into the feed will become loose, easy to adjust the counter frame.

2, the replacement of wearing parts. Replace the wearing parts, the first to open the shelves, and then after the shelves and the box in the connection bolts, and then slowly open the shelves.

3, plate hammer replacement. First use the flip device to open the rear frame, and then turn the rotor by hand, will need to adjust or replace the plate hammer to the maintenance door, and then fixed the rotor.

4, counter-liner replacement. Open the cover, remove the fixed counter-liner with the opening pin, slotted nuts, bolts, you can wear the counter-liner after the replacement.

5, the adjustment of the liner. Adjusting the slag sanding machine liner is required to be opened after the shelves, all liners are allowed to interchange in areas with heavier wear and less wear.

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