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flux for melting aluminum

  • Aluminum Profile Resistance Type Die Oven

    Contact NowAluminum Profile Resistance Type Die Oven1. The rated temperature: 550℃ 2. Heating room number: 1~3 rooms 3. Chamber size of each room: 800×500×450mm 4. Heating power of each romm: 18Kw 5. Mixing fan power of each room: 1.1Kw 6. Total electricity capacity for heating : 63.3KVA 7. Heating time in empty: 90min 8. The wall of furnace...Read More

  • Stirred and Vibrating Separator for Aluminium Dross from Melting Furnace

    Contact NowStirred and Vibrating Separator for Aluminium Dross from Melting FurnaceⅠ)Product Name: Aluminium Dross Separator Ⅱ)Product Appearance: Ⅲ) Function and Working Principle ⅰ What’s Aluminium Dross ? Aluminium Dross(aluminium slag) is one kind of by-product produced by First aluminum industry and second aluminium industry. The poisonous metal element(Se,As,Ba,Cd,Cr,Pb...Read More

  • Thermal Barrier Aluminum Machine

    Contact NowThermal Barrier Aluminum MachineProcess Method: extrusion profile→ knurling→ injecting polyurethane→ cutting metal web Brief introduction : Polyurethane Injection Machine for Thermal Barrier Aluminum Profile includes three parts: knurling machine, injection machine, cutting machine 1: knurling the slot of extrusion profile to...Read More

  • Thermal Shrinking Packing Machine For Aluminum Profile

    Contact NowThermal Shrinking Packing Machine For Aluminum ProfileHeat automatic shrink film wrapping packing machine for aluminum profile Automatic shrink film wrapping packing machine for aluminum profile is a thermal packing equipment which is widely used in metal, SS profile, aluminum profile and other surface. Product Description: Packing speed : 1~40m...Read More

  • aluminium (fused )refining flux covering flux drossing flux

    Contact Nowaluminium (fused )refining flux covering flux drossing flux· Product Name: Fumeless Refining Agent for molten aluminium · Function: Refining Agent, It’s a widely using products during aluminum processing process, It can effectively play the role of purification,It has a great effect on improving the purity of aluminium. It composed by alkalis and...Read More

  • Online Degassing Unit for High Purity Required Aluminium in Melting and Casting

    Contact NowOnline Degassing Unit for High Purity Required Aluminium in Melting and CastingⅠProducts Name: Online Degassing Device ⅡProducts Appearance: Ⅲ.SPECIFICATIONS ① USE For the Degassing and filtration of the molten Aluninium and its alloys. Reduce the bubble and impurities in liquid aluminium. ② Features: The degassing efficiency: VYDU - II compact double rotor degassing...Read More

  • Dual Puller For Aluminum Profile

    Contact NowDual Puller For Aluminum ProfileIn Aluminum extruded Process, in order to reduce the bending and distortions, and to improve the product quality, it must be guided through the traction machine(Pulling machine). This machine comes with single DC motor, PLC control panel(this PLC enables data communication with the main...Read More

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