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  • TM132-75XL Sliding Window/door
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    TM132-75XL Sliding Window/door

    Outside frame: 132mm Inside sash: 75mm Three rails, double glass and black wire mesh.Read More
  • TM 80-75XL Sliding Window
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    TM 80-75XL Sliding Window

    Outside frame: 80mm Inside sash: 75mm Two rails without mesh type and double tempered glass, multiple colors for you to choose.Read More
  • Wrapping Packing Machine
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    Wrapping Packing Machine

    Application: Automatic packing aluminum profile, high efficiency.Read More
  • Aluminium Profile Rolling Machine
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    Aluminium Profile Rolling Machine

    Rolling Machine Process Method : Product after feeding→ rolling tightly Rolling machine adopts three sets of roller to roll combination of strip and aluminum profile tightly Features : It adopts three high precision of digital monitor, which can test rolling pressure in the...Read More
  • Polyamide Strip Feeding Machine
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    Polyamide Strip Feeding Machine

    Strip feeder process method : Profile after knurling→ feeding strip Strip feeder adopts four-wheel drive, feeding strip through guide slot, feeding speed can be adjusted, operate easily, flexible, increase production efficiency highly Advantage : strip is not easy to wear out...Read More
  • Knurling Machine For Thermal Break System
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    Knurling Machine For Thermal Break System

    Knurling machine process method : Extrusion profile→ knurling Knurling machine is the key machine to increase shear strength, knurling the slot of extrusion profile through rotating knife at a high speed Advantage : knurling knife can be adjusted 0~250mm up and down, 0~125mm...Read More
  • Energy-saving Induction Die Heating Furnace
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    Energy-saving Induction Die Heating Furnace

    This die heating furnace is new type, energy saving, induced heating furnace for die, which using intelligence controller, PLC, touch-screen, making control temperature accurately, easy to operate, temperature go up fast. Compare with the traditional die heater, this new type...Read More
  • Infrared Die Heating Furnace
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    Infrared Die Heating Furnace

    1. Heater type: infrared heating 2. Temperature tolerance: ±5℃ 3. Maximum terperature: 480℃ 4. Heating up time: 1.5 hours 5. Dies quantity: 6-10kw for each chamber 6. Working chamber: 1-3 7. Electrical consumption: 160-240kw per hours 8. Fan power: 1.5kw 9. Design type:...Read More
  • Aluminum Profile Resistance Type Die Oven
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    Aluminum Profile Resistance Type Die Oven

    1. The rated temperature: 550℃ 2. Heating room number: 1~3 rooms 3. Chamber size of each room: 800×500×450mm 4. Heating power of each romm: 18Kw 5. Mixing fan power of each room: 1.1Kw 6. Total electricity capacity for heating : 63.3KVA 7. Heating time in empty: 90min 8. The...Read More
  • Full Automatic Multi-billet Heating Furnace
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    Full Automatic Multi-billet Heating Furnace

    Main feature of hot log shear: 1. stable and reliable, durable, non oil-leakage, less fault 2. surface of billet is smooth, less deformation 3. can set the length of shear 4. lubricate, test billet automatically, feeding billet to extrusion press automatically 5. controlled...Read More
  • Single Billet Heating Furnace With Hot Shear
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    Single Billet Heating Furnace With Hot Shear

    Parameters: Voltage: 380v (customized) Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz (customized) Extruding machine: 450T~1500T Billet length: 0.5m~10m Billet diameter: 70mm~500mm Shear length: 250mm~1250mm Temperature: 450 ℃ ~580 ℃ Temperature difference: ± 5 ℃ Production cycle: 30~200s/sequence...Read More
  • 4 to18 Baskets Aging Furnace
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    4 to18 Baskets Aging Furnace

    Application :Enhance hardness of profile Design type : Single door, double door, chain type, roller type Fuel : Oil or gas Structure : 1. Aging oven body (including electricity cabinet) 1set 2. Trolley 2 sets 3. Bearings for trolley 2pcs 4. Control box of burner 2pcs 5. Fuel...Read More
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